Predoctoral Internship Seminar | Spalding University Catalog

PSY-861: Predoctoral Internship Seminar

0 credit hours
This is a web-enhanced course offered during the Fall semester (August through December). This course will extend the students learning about the Predoctoral Internship Application process, as well as prepare them for their on-site interviews and departure for the predoctoral internship year. Specifically, the students will finalize their list of the sites to which they will apply, compile and edit all required supplemental application materials (e.g., curriculum vita, assessment reports, case conceptualizations, case presentations), convert all applications materials into pdf documents, and submit their entire application portfolio to all identified sites. In addition, students will receive instruction on professional interviewing and the specifics of a predoctoral internship interview experience. Utilizing role plays, as well as the SOPP Mock Interview Day, students will have ample opportunity to fine-tune their professional presentation and receive feedback from both the course instructor and professional psychologists from our community. Lastly, students will be exposed to relevant literature about the predoctoral internship interview, Match Day, and Clearinghouse processes, as well as what to expect when they enter their predoctoral internship year. Assigned readings and corresponding quizzes will come from Internships in Psychology: The APAGS Workbook for Writing Successful Applications and Finding the Right Match (2007-2008 Edition), professional journal articles, and professional association documents/articles.

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Doctoral Qualifying Exam