School to Prison Pipeline | Spalding University Catalog

AAS-303: School to Prison Pipeline

3 credit hours

The public education of Blacks in the United States has been the linked to high rates of crime, incarceration, and recidivism in the Black community. The degree to which this phenomenon has affected Blacks historically and currently, is examined in this course. Various ideologies on public (formal) education will be explored as well as themes of juvenile justice, prison reform, education in prisons, and educational options for formerly incarcerated persons. Kunjufu’s theory of the Fourth Grade Failure Syndrome and Woodson’s notions of Black education will serve as the foundational crux of this course. Student will have the opportunity to visit local schools and correctional facilities to engage discussion about School to Prison Pipeline and will also have access to Louisville’s Criminal Justice Commission as well as Kentucky’s Juvenile Justice Advisory Board to advocate for necessary legislative change. (Meets University Studies Requirement for Social Sciences)