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Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Writing

Certificate students in creative writing choose one area from the following: fiction; poetry; creative nonfiction; writing for children & young adults; and writing for TV, screenwriting or playwriting and complete a residency course and an independent study to earn the Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Writing.

Upon earning the graduate certificate in creative writing, should certificate students wish to continue MFA or MAW studies, they are qualified to do so. The certificate student simply transitions into the second semester courses and continues the coursework required for the desired degree.

Certificate Admissions Requirements

Certificate in Writing applicants are required to meet the same admission standards as degree-seeking applicants. The application consists of a completed application form, payment of the university application fee, a writing sample, two essays, and appropriate transcripts (the BA or BS is the minimum education requirement).

Admission to the certificate program is based primarily on the quality of the applicant’s original writing judged by a committee of School of Writing faculty, who read the sample without knowing the identity of the applicant, and the Chair or Associate Programs Director.

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, so they may be submitted at any time. The deadline for application for those wishing to enter in the fall residency in November is August 1; the deadline for application for those wishing to enter in the spring residency in May or the summer virtual residency in June is February 1. Prospective students who miss the deadline may inquire with the School of Writing Office about the possibility of applying after the deadline.

Certificate Admission Requirements: Acceleration for Spalding Seniors

Spalding undergraduate students who have achieved senior status (have earned 90 credits or more) may be given permission to take the bridge course ENG 512/612 Introductory Creative Writing Residency. This offers Spalding undergraduates the opportunity to successfully complete an elective 3 credit residency course that can be counted as the first required course for the Graduate Certificate in Writing after earning the BA or BS.

After successfully completing the certificate with recommendation from that course’s instructor and upon conferral of the BA or BS, approval of the School of Writing Chair or Associate Programs Director, submission of the graduate application form, other application materials, and official BA or BS transcripts, the student may enroll in the independent study and upon successful completion, earn the Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Writing.

Acceptance Information

The School of Writing usually makes decisions on applications four to six weeks after the complete application has been received.

If a student is denied admission, they are advised to seek additional instruction at a local undergraduate program and/or to work privately with a publishing writer or writing group. Another way to seek additional instruction is to take adult education courses in creative writing. The School of Writing offers a 3-hour course, ENG605: Advanced Creative Writing, that helps prepare students to enter graduate school. After additional experience, applicants may re-apply for admission to the program, submitting a new manuscript.

The School of Writing Faculty Committee recommends students for admission to the Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Writing program on a rolling basis.

  1. Applicants will not be discriminated against because of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, ancestry, citizenship, gender, sexual orientation, age, or disability.
  2. Successful applicants may enter the program in fall or spring, based upon the admission cycle the applicant applied.
  3. After completing all components of the admission process, graduate students’ application materials are submitted to Spalding University’s Graduate Committee by the School of Writing Chair for university admission as a graduate student; once approved by the University Graduate Committee, acceptance into the certificate program will occur.
  4. If an applicant is selected and admitted into the program, yet is unable to begin in the next residency course, the initial acceptance into the certificate program remains good for one year.


The residency course includes workshops, lectures, readings, and other assigned curriculum sessions. The student also plans, in consultation with his or her instructor, an Independent Study Plan.


The Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Writing requirements include the completion of one residency course and one independent study.


Certificate students receive discursive evaluation reports. The faculty mentors and Chair or Associate Programs Director determine that credit will be Awarded, Not Awarded, Incomplete, or Deferred. For more information, see the Graduate Academic Policies section of this catalog.

Academic Status

For certificate students to remain in the program, evaluations of Credit Awarded must be received at the end of each course. If evaluations of Credit Not Awarded are received, a course may be repeated one time. All tuition and appropriate fees are required. If at the end of the repeated course the student does not receive a Credit Awarded evaluation, the student will not be allowed to continue in the program.

Tuition and Fee Payment Policy

Full payment of tuition and fees for certificate students is due before or on the first day of the semester. Tuition and fees may be paid by check, money order, cash, or credit card. The University also offers a 5-month payment plan.

The refund schedule for certificate programs is found in the School of Writing Student Handbook.

Withdrawal and Refund Policy

For information regarding the withdrawal and refund policy for certificate programs, see the School of Writing

Student Handbook or contact the School of Writing Office at (502) 873-4400 or

Application for Certificate

Students completing the requirements for the Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Writing fill out an Application for Graduation form, found on the School of Writing portal page ( The forms must be submitted through Self-Service no later than two months before the end of the final semester. Students who do not submit these forms cannot expect to receive the certificate in a timely manner.

Oversight of the Sena Jeter Naslund-Karen Mann Graduate School of Writing

The Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Writing oversight will rest under the supervision of the School of Writing Chair and Associate Programs Director who review evaluations, reports, and the projects of its students.

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