Seminar for Successful Initial Teacher Certification | Spalding University Catalog

EDU-201: Seminar for Successful Initial Teacher Certification

1 credit hour
This class will focus on the Kentucky Teacher Standards ( Initial Level) and the skills and proficiencies assessed in professional examinations required for licensure. The topics will include an introduction to the profession of education by examining the Kentucky Teacher Standards (Initial Level) and the necessary skills required in order to meet those standards. A variety of readings in educational research, guest lecturers, and on-line resources will be provided to students in order to develop conceptual understandings of professional dispositions and to improve the quality of professional performance. The professional dispositions, content knowledge, and readiness for instructional practice of the aspiring teacher candidate will be assessed and a program of support and improvement will be provided and monitored for outcomes. This course may be delivered through a variety of instructional strategies and methods. Additionally, the course will be taken prior to or concurrent with a Level I course(s). Field experience(s) may be required.