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Additional indicators of equivalency will be at the discretion of the Program head (Chair or Director)

  • The program head and program faculty must decide how similar the course syllabi for multiple sections are to be beyond the course description and the learning outcomes.
  • In some instances (e.g. a large number of sections of 100-200 level courses taught by both full time and adjunct faculty, such as ENG 109-110 or COM 201) the Program Head may decide that standard text/reading material across all sections are desirable.
  • In some circumstances, assessment rubrics for the course learning outcomes may be standardized across sections..
  • This may also entail some standardization of learning activities across sections so that the rubric is not measuring “apples vs. oranges” across sections with widely divergent learning assignments.
  • In courses with a large number of multiple sections, the Program head may wish to convene a regular period meeting of all faculty teaching that course to discuss assessment and rubrics, and to develop consensus on how outcomes are to be measured across sections in a consistent way.
  • The program head accountable for devising a quality control process to periodically check the program courses for equivalency. One method of doing this is assigning the person designated to monitoring of equivalency to be made a member of the Moodle platform for each program course, such that this may be revised to assess that the requisite amount of learning activities are included in the course. Part of documentation that is under development is a documentation of online course delivery training, and a check list that includes a listing of learning activities with estimated times, that must add up to the number of instructional/learning hours appropriate for the credit hour value of the course.

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