Integrative Practice I | Spalding University Catalog

SW-630: Integrative Practice I

3 credit hours

The Integrative Practice Concentration sequence is comprised of three interdependent courses. This first course introduces the integrative practice (advanced generalist) approach as related to micro, mezzo, macro, and meta dimensions of practice. This course focuses on micro practice as an entry point for change. Learners develop skills in engagement, assessment, intervention, and evaluation. Learners critically apply key theoretical approaches to practice situations, including use of the DSM. Interactive exercises, activities, case studies, and other assignments emphasize ethical practice that engages diversity and difference through the lens of human rights and social and economic justice. Learners demonstrate competence in the knowledge, values and skills necessary to engage in research-informed practice and practice-informed research. The course also emphasizes professional comportment and development.

Prerequisite: Admission to MSW Program.