Mathematics Placement Policy

The ACT/SAT mathematics sub-score (no more than 5 years old) is used to determine the appropriate placement for incoming students in mathematics courses according to the criteria below:

ACT Mathematics Sub-ScoreSAT Mathematics Sub-ScorePlacement
26 and above600 and aboveMATH 106, MATH 113, MATH 115, MATH 117, MATH 120 or MATH 253
22-25501-599MATH 106, MATH 113
18-21421-500MATH 104
17 and below420 and belowUSM 090

Those students who enter Spalding without an ACT score (or have outdated ACT/SAT scores) are placed according to the results of the Accuplacer web-based exam.

The minimal competency for University Studies requirements will be MATH 106 or MATH 113, although MATH 115, MATH 117, MATH 120 or MATH 253 will be accepted. The following MATH courses will not fulfill the University Studies mathematics requirement: MATH 104, MATH 201, MATH 203, MATH 231, and MATH 351. Transfer students who have earned an acceptable grade in Finite Math elsewhere will meet the minimal competency for University Studies.

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