Advanced Independent Writing and Reading: Emphasizing the Research Project | Spalding University Catalog

ENG-633: Advanced Independent Writing and Reading: Emphasizing the Research Project

12 credit hours

After successfully participating in the ENG632 or equivalent residency course, students begin ENG633 Advanced Independent Writing and Reading: Emphasizing the Research Project. The student and assigned mentor create an Independent Study Plan, which includes five extensive assignments which includes the research project, original creative writing, and an individualized reading list. The research project may be an extended critical essay on literature; or a research project on the history, practices, or trends in publishing and/or editing; a research project that includes a grant proposal to fund a project for an existing literary arts organization; or a pedagogical study in the teaching of creative writing. Other research projects that concern the profession of writing may also be suggested for approval. Students continuing to ENG642 also present and discuss possible topics for the Small Group Discussion, which takes place in the subsequent residency. During the independent study, students submit five packets to their mentors, at scheduled intervals, containing a cover letter and a specified amount of material that includes new and revised work. The mentor replies to each student packet on an individual basis, providing critique and instruction to the student in a written or recorded response. Students submit midsession and end-of-session evaluations and an updated student curriculum vitae, which includes a bibliography of books and scripts read. Students continuing on to ENG642 may serve as thesis readers but may participate in no more than two virtual thesis discussions for ENG643 students. Students taking this course to fulfill the requirements of the Certificate in the Teaching of Creative Writing must complete the long research project option to study the pedagogy of creative writing.

Prerequisites:ENG-632 or ENG-635 or equivalent and permission of the Chair or Associate Programs Director.