ENG-645: MFA Graduation Residency

5 credit hours

After successfully completing ENG643, students attend their graduation residency, a course delivered during an intensive residency. Students must complete pre-assignments before attending residency, including submitting original creative writing to be discussed during the residency Workshop, submitting a short review of the Faculty Book/Script in Common, and reading all assigned texts, including the material in the Workshop Booklet, the Residency Book in Common. Students read Area Books in Common and view films, when required. Students also view online required orientation sessions. Students are assigned to participate in Workshops led by faculty mentors and are expected to be open to the comments of faculty and students, to provide comments on the work of other students, and to participate in any other assignments presented by Workshop faculty. In addition to Workshop, the students attend required lectures, conferences, and readings, and participate in cross-genre and interrelatedness-of-the-arts activities. During the Graduation Residency, the student delivers a Graduation Lecture and a Graduation Reading. Students submit residency reports, a Workshop evaluation, an End-of-Program evaluation, and an updated culminated student curriculum vitae.

Prerequisites:ENG-643 or equivalent and permission of Chair or Associate Programs Director.