ENG-662: Teaching Seminar in Creative Writing with Residency

3-5 credit hours

The Teaching Seminar in Creative Writing serves MFA students (or graduates of MFA or appropriate MA programs) who wish to pursue a specialization in the teaching of creative writing for undergraduate, high school or community classrooms. The seminar takes place during a 10-day intensive residency. Before attending residency, students must complete pre-assignments, including reading all assigned texts, submitting special worksheets for the Workshop Booklet, and submitting a short critical essay on the Faculty Book/Script in Common. Teaching students also develop lesson plans for leading a Workshop and writing exercise during the seminar. During the residency, ENG662 students take part in a faculty-led Workshop that focuses on the teaching of writing in different genres. Students are expected to present their work and provide comment on the work of other students, as well as participate in any other assignments presented by Workshop faculty and students. During the seminar, students are expected to attend required lectures, conferences, and readings. Students submit residency reports, a Workshop evaluation, and any other required evaluations. This course may be taken only once. If a student takes ENG662 as a substitute for ENG645 MFA Graduation Residency, the student must also fulfill all graduation requirements, including presenting the graduation lecture and reading, and participating in the Thesis Discussion, and accordingly earns 5 credits for ENG662.

Prerequisite courses:ENG-623 and/or permission of Program Director or Associate Program Director