Full-length Manuscript Workshop with Residency | Spalding University Catalog

ENG-672: Full-length Manuscript Workshop with Residency

3-5 credit hours

The majority of instruction for the Full-length Manuscript Workshop course is presented during the intensive residency; however, the course also requires students to complete significant pre-assignments before arriving at residency, including submitting a full-length manuscript by the deadline and reading and commenting on all book-length manuscripts of participants in the Workshop before residency. In addition, students read all other assigned texts, including books and/or scripts in common. Students view films, when required. Students are also required to view online orientation sessions and/or participate in virtual orientations and introductory curriculum sessions. During residency, ENG672 students present and provide comment on full manuscripts presented in a faculty-led Workshop. Students also attend required lectures, conferences, and readings and participate in cross-genre and/or interrelatedness-of-the-arts activities. Students submit residency reports, a Workshop evaluation, and any other required evaluations. This course may be taken only once. If a student takes ENG672 as a substitute for ENG642: Advanced Residency II in Creative Writing, the student must also lead a Small Group Discussion. If a student takes ENG672 as a substitute for ENG645: MFA Graduation Residency, the student must also fulfill all graduation requirements. Students enroll in the 5-hour course if the focal area of ENG672 is full-length prose manuscripts. Students enroll in the 3-hour course if the focal area of ENG672 is poetry, screenwriting, playwriting, or picture books, unless as a substitute for the Capstone Residency or Graduation Residency, which require 5 credits.

Prerequisites:ENG-623 or ENG-625 and permission of Chair of Associate Programs Director.