Advanced Residency II in Creative Writing | Spalding University Catalog

ENG-642: Advanced Residency II in Creative Writing

3 credit hours

The majority of instruction for this advanced course takes place during the intensive residency; however, the course also requires students to complete significant pre-assignments before arriving at residency: students submit original creative writing to be discussed during the residency Workshop and read and respond to materials in the Workshop Booklet. In addition, students read all other assigned texts, including books and/or scripts in common. Students view films, when required. Students are also required to view online orientation sessions and/or participate in virtual orientations and introductory curriculum sessions. Before residency, students are assigned to participate in a Workshop facilitated by a faculty workshop leader. In residency Workshop, students are expected to be open to the comments of faculty and students, to provide comments on the work of other students, and to participate in any other assignments presented by Workshop faculty. In addition to Workshop, students attend required lectures, conferences, readings, and participate in cross-genre and/or interrelatedness-of-the-arts activities. Also, each student leads a Small Group Discussion. Students submit residency reports and a Workshop evaluation.

Prerequisites:ENG-633 or equivalent and permission of Chair or Associate Programs Director.