Nurse Practitioner Professional Identity and Internship | Spalding University Catalog

NURS-681: Nurse Practitioner Professional Identity and Internship

5 credit hours

The Internship is the capstone clinical implementation of the role of the Advanced Practice Registered Nurse as a primary provider in the collaborative model of health care delivery. The course focuses on providing excellent health care, including health promotion, patient education, pharmacological and non-pharmacological intervention and support, and therapeutic nursing intervention in common health problems. Collaboration with other health care professions in provision of primary health care is emphasized. Students may select a clinical area of interest for this experience. Medically underserved clinical sites are encouraged. The course seminars are organized to meet the needs of advanced practice nurses in the areas of Education, Leadership, or Clinical Practice as a nurse practitioner. The nurse practitioner's role in facilitating quality health care for the individual and within systems is emphasized. Seminars also include focus on the role of the nurse practitioner and understanding of environmental, legal, and systemic influences on care. A service learning component is required for the course. (Students complete 350 precepted clinical hours).

Prerequisites: NURS-673, NURS-674.